Get a body like Jacqueline Fernandes!


By Hindustan Times
Former Sri Lankan beauty queen-turned-actor Jacqueline Fernandes was athletic as a teenager but realised the importance of a good body when she went for the Miss Universe contest. She says, “Fitness is not just about looking good but maintaining optimal levels of energy. Its important that you
eat the right food in the right quantity.”
Jacquline FernandesIn her quest for an ideal body, Jacqueline upped her protein intake and workouts (an extra class or extra 45 minutes of ab exercises or cardio) and focused on healthy, equal and well-balanced meals. “Cheese and dry fruits are my indulgences since I’m not a chocolate or dessert person,” she smiles.
Jacqueline doesn’t agree with the popular notion that trainers need to be hard taskmasters. She believes they should be on the same page as you and be supportive. “They need to take you along and keep you on track,” she asserts.
Although the actor loves working out, gym exercises are not for her. She prefers outdoor workouts in fresh air. “Yoga keeps me positive and I also dance to keep fit,” she says, adding that it’s important to wear workout gear that’s comfortable, of good quality and suitable to the climate. “Shoes are important too as the wrong footwear can cause injuries.”