Gangs Of Wasseypur's unique marketing!


By Hindustan Times

The Gangs Of Wasseypur team has used some unique and interesting marketing tactics to promote their film. Here are some of GOW's 'hatke' marketing tactics Gamchhas, from India to Cannes After the screening of the film at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, the GOW team danced on the streets wearing red gamchhas, and has been making public appearances in them ever since. The gamcha definitely took the centre stage.

Bihari-style music launch While most music launches happen with a big party and formal announcements before the press, the music of this film, wasn't launched at a 5 star hotel banquet hall in a metropolitan city, but in Patna.

Wasseypur Patrika In another effective way of building the world of Wasseypur for the audience, the makers also published 'Wasseypur Patrika' -a fictitious newspaper that is available online.

Wall paintings over posters In keeping with the language and setup of the film, Goli nahi marenge, keh ke lenge - Gangs Of Wasseypur has been painted on walls across 20 cities. According to the makers this is a cost-effective marketing method that connects well with the audience as well.

GOW momentos The GOW team has made a momento consisting of bullets of different era. While all sorts of weapons have been used in the film, this is the best thing one could give as momento.

GOW is based on the coal mafia in Dhanbhad and will hit the theatres on June 22.