Gangs of Wasseypur banned in Qatar, Kuwait


By Hindustan Times

Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW) has been banned in Kuwait and Qatar for being offensive to Muslims. Director Anurag Kashyap is bemused: “How’s that possible, unless the censor body lacks objectivity?” Has it affected the revenue? “I’ve never had a release in the Middle-East before. We sold it on minimum guarantee and, so far, the distributor hasn’t complained since it is doing well in the UAE.”

A section of the audience in India has been wondering how the censors passed a film high on violence and expletives.

Anurag retorts, “I’m sorry your children can’t see my film, they can watch the Disney film, Brave, instead. We made a film for those with a mental age of over 18. I don’t have to be conservative because you are.”

Earlier, the first show of GOW was cancelled in Dhanbad for fears of protest.

“But that didn’t happen, and it ran to packed houses,” he says, adding that most of Part 1 is set in the past and people there were looking for contemporary stories, shadows of which will be in Part 2.

“Many newspapers reported Wasseypur is safe today, which is mostly true. What they didn’t report is that Part 1 ends in the ’90s and Part 2 in 2004, because they like to create negative anticipation.”