Freida Pinto-Dev Patel: Our relationship is about understanding


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Aug. 2 -- Indian actress Freida Pinto, who is dating her Slumdog Millionaire (2008) co-star Dev Patel for two years, says that they have reached an understanding where their career commitments come before their relationship. The 26-year-old met Patel on the sets of the Oscar-winning movie and says that though their work schedules keep them apart for months they don't really mind it.
"We've arrived at a situation where understanding is primary. Now we don't need to Skype all the time, we don't need to talk every day over the phone. It's just understanding that OK, he's doing a film right now, so today is gonna be a busy day for him, he'll call me up tomorrow," Freida said.
The actress who studied English literature at University in Mumbai, added that she never felt "satisfied" by academic studies and though she has accomplished a lot. Yet she feels she and her sister are the "least educated".