Four and fida!


By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, Aug. 11 -- Haylo my caramel custards, how goes it with you today? All of my khabris are complaing about the bad weather that they are facing. Thank God, the mausm's better on Shahid Kapoor's sets. In fact, these days, anywhere I go, I see girls, young and old, crooning 'Rabba Rabba...'
The other day, Shahid's hair and make-up man brought his daughter along for a shoot. The four-year-old darling is in ishq vishq over our nayak and even after he'd hugged and kissed her, she refused to step out of his van. Shahi let her hang around till he was called for a shot. Then, her dad picked her up and scooted away.
She was waving 'bye bye' and blowing kisses to our actor, till they were out-of-sight. Rabba ne bana di jodi! Ah if only, she was 24 instead of four!!!!