Feel good about yourself: Bipasha Basu


By Hindustan Times
Beauty has since time immemorial been adorned with numerous adjectives: gorgeous, sexy, glamorous, cute and most of these compliments are usually bestowed upon women owing to their natural femininity. I've had the privilege of being addressed with some of these synonyms and for the longest time the tag of being 'sexy' has followed me like a shadow which has now become an intrinsic part of my being.
I've always maintained that being 'sexy' is a compliment that is very dear to me and I wish that even when I become a grandmother that this doesn't leave me for being sexy to me is more than mere physical attractiveness but instead is the ability of a woman to be able to embrace her inner sensuality.
Of late, however, the term 'cute' has started to follow me and it's something which I find so amusing because it's such a far cry from the perceived screen image of me. Honestly, I think that it is extremely refreshing for even though as a person I am a fun loving, laugh out loud kind of a girl, my on-screen persona has mostly been diametrically opposite to that.
I've often been questioned which tag I prefer more, being called 'sexy' or being called 'cute' but truth be told I enjoy both. The fact is that whatever definitions one is addressed with, none of them hold more value than what one feels about themselves. Beauty is not something that is tangible. Instead, to me, it encapsulates self-confidence and the art of being able to be the best that you can be both outwardly as well as inwardly.
Very often in our industry we are compared to other beauties, and people almost dissect our individual facets and pitch them against the other, but to me this exercise is futile as each one of us has our own identity. I read this wonderful quote by Oscar Wilde, "It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart" and to me, this quote expresses my belief of "loving yourself". So to all you beautiful people out there, embrace yourselves and remember that no matter what the judgement made for you by others, no matter how positive or negative they may be, what's most important is the judgement you make for yourself.