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Here’s a glimpse of Anushka Sharma’s dress from Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger’s 2018 spring 2018 collection.

Right from juxtaposition of colours to asymmetrical shapes and sizes, this year is all about adding the perfect amount of bling to your ensemble.

As the market is increasingly buzzing with fake designer goods, it has become even more difficult for consumers to spot genuine designer bags. This handy guide will sort you out.

Even as cheaper Chinese imports flood the market in Kabul, a small fashion house is fighting to preserve the traditional textiles once integral to Afghan culture.

Bring out those strapless dresses and halter necks. And complement them with these special kinds of lingerie.

Kiran Kheva, Fashion Director at IRW says that the new gen programme at the extravaganza has become the benchmark for the ‘fresh fashion’.

Neha was present on the launch of designer Sonaakshi Raaj Spring- Summer 2018 collection at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour in Ludhiana.

Bracelets, cuffs and oversized hoops- there’s a lot one can experiment with when it comes to trendy accessories.

Drawing inspiration from history, fantasy and folklore, the fragrances include Oudh and Aab for men and Oas and Vana for women.