We want to steal Deepika Padukone's denim jacket right NOW!

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By Namrata, Bollywood.com

After slaying her bridal look last year, Deepika Padukone is back making fashion statements. The leggy lass turned up at the Facebook office yesterday wearing all denim. The Padmavaat actress wore a basic white tee, a loose denim jacket and a distressed denim skirt.

While she kept it pretty basic what elevated her look was the Kanika Goyal denim jacket which had words like ‘Drama’ and ‘Salty’ written all over it. Even her skirt had the same pattern and together they worked magic for Dippy. 

She kept her make-up and accessory to bare minimum which was nice considering her jacket and skirt were anyway screaming attention. 

Coming to her hairstyle, Deepika gave them a bit of wavy touch and kept them loose, like she mostly prefers. And frankly speaking, I do too because her tresses are so luscious and shiny, it would be a waste if she didn’t flaunt them with her dimpled smile.

Though Deepika kept it all white, she added oomph to her attire by wearing red Christian Louboutin pumps. How sexy do they look and how sexy does Deepika look in them? 

While celeb style can go overboard easily, Deepika is one celeb whose fashion sense is very chic and yet very relatable and normal. I mean that denim jacket is something that we all can wear and pull it off too without making fools of ourselves. 

So start saving up money ladies because you would definitely want this Denim jacket in your closet!