Kangana Ranaut's pretty pink pantsuit is perfect for both day & night!

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Kangana Ranaut channelled her inner Barbie when she stepped out in Mumbai wearing a sexy pink pantsuit on Monday evening. 

The actor paired the suit with a sleek cream blouse, white leather tote bag and a pair of nude sandals.

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The best part? This was just an airport look for Kangana. She was spotted working the pretty pink ensemble after returning from a trip to Raipur. 

So, while us average travellers stick to our comfy leggings and cosy layers on the plane, Kangana is out here serving runway looks at the airport.

Once again proving she’s cool wearing the same outfit twice, Kangana had channelled a similar rosy look in the past. You’ll know it when you see it — it’s hard to miss and impossible to forget. Here: