Farah puts her best foot forward!


By Hindustan Times
NEW DELHI, Oct. 10 -- Come December and choreographerdirector Farah Khan will venture into a completely different world acting. And before she makes the big switch for Bela Segal's Shirin Farhad, a 'nervous' Farah is going through extensive preparations including dialogue delivery, weight loss and acting lessons.
Sources contend that Farah plans to lose about 10 kilos before she starts shooting for the film. "She wants to look presentable in the film. Having been a choreographer and a director, she knows what it takes to deliver perfectly on screen," says a source.
Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Segal's brother and producer, confirms: "Farah is putting in a lot of effort. She's working out, dieting and attending dialogue workshops too." Farah has also spent time with Parsis, trying to imbibe their accent and observing the way they dress, walk, talk and interact to play a Parsi woman opposite Boman Irani. For the uninitiated, while Farah is only half-Parsi, Boman is a full Parsi. "I am sure both of them will rock," says Bhansali, adding, "Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi, that's what we are calling it right now, is going to start on Boman's birthday (Dec 2). It's going to be one of the most exhilarating periods of my life (to see Farah act)."