Fan Anushka Sharma runs to meet designer Christian Louboutin


By Hindustan Times
Anushka Sharma, being a self-confessed fan of designer Christian Louboutin’s shoes, was excited when she was invited to the former’s store opening on March 20. But sadly, the actor has to excuse herself due to her work commitments. The story doesn’t end there, the designer insisted on meeting
Anushka wherever she was, after finding out that she wouldn’t be there at the opening.
A source close to the actor reveals, “He (Louboutin) was very keen on meeting Anushka. So when he heard that she would give the opening a miss as she was shooting, he said he would come personally to meet her on the sets. However, Anushka felt that it wasn’t right for him to come all the way just to see her.”
So what did she do? The source says, “She told him that instead of him coming all the way, she would go to his hotel and meet him.” So, last evening, Anushka went to the Taj Mahal Hotel in Colaba, where the designer has been put up, and met him. On being contacted, her spokesperson confirmed the development saying, “Anushka loves his shoes and was very excited to meet him.”