Even Obama knows about my wedding: Kareena Kapoor


By Hindustan Times

Kareena Kapoor says that her wedding should be discussed in Rajya Sabha as this is all what people care about. The actress said : "Mr Obama too should be discussing this wedding. I am sure he would know that Saif and Kareena are getting married".

What made you leave Heroine initially and then do it again?
I was constantly shooting last year. So I had asked Madhur (Bhandarkar) to wait for year and a half and I would do the film. But it would have been a little unfair on him to keep his script waiting for so long. Then I told him to go ahead with someone else. We have been trying to work together since Page 3. But as the film got delayed, I am glad we did it together, as it is his best work after Chandni Bar.

Did you feel bad about the entire Aishwarya Rai episode, that how she was dropped when she announced her pregnancy?
It is a personal thing between Madhur and Aishwarya and I am no body to comment on it because I was not associated with the film at that point. I am sure she would have done the film differently. Infact I have always believed that she is the most beautiful woman in the film industry and she is extremely talented and an icon to many so I m sure she would have portrayed the role brilliantly.

Was there any performance pressure when the movie was re offered to you once Ash was dropped?
Not really. It just so happened that our destinies crossed and obviously the way she would have done it is different from how I did it. We have our own individual style, we are two completely different actresses. She also is a diva… and heroine too talks about the life of a diva so I am glad that Madhur selected me to do this film.

Have you taken digs at Katrina Kaif, Manisha Koirala and Preity Zinta in the movie?
I don’t think there are digs at anyone… intentionally. We are giving an insight into Bollywood and not taking off on any actor or actress. But Madhur gave an insight in most of his films, be it Fashion, Page 3 or Corporate. And back then some people did get upset about it but it never stopped the films to become successful. The industry and audience will indeed sit up and take notice as the movies gives you a deep insight into Bollywood. And if they are guilty about it then they might get upset, as we have not named anyone.

Do you too agree with this dialogue in the movie that ‘Filmstars ki friendship tumse nahi tumahri position se hai…’
It is 100 percent true that’s how it works here. Some of the dialogues are just scandalous and I am sure will win big applause from the audience. It is not a direct thing to anyone but something that people do relate to

From the 100 cr Heroine are you now looking at joining the 200 crore club with Heroine?
I really don’t think so as we don’t have Salman Khan in our film. If the first day we do a decent business, it will be big achievement for me as a commercial Hindi movie actress who held the film on her shoulders without a hero. So if we sail through decently it is a big thing because in India it is all about the males. Madhur has touched upon this aspect in the movie as well that that actresses are not showpieces.

Is a national award on its way with Heroine?
I don’t want the national award… I seriously don’t need any such thing. I would only want the audience to go and watch the film once and that will be more than enough for me. Once everybody should see the movie and say it is a good watch.

On Katrina Kaif called you her ‘senior’
I am not exactly following her filmography in detail so I don’t remember when she made her debut. In terms of acting, my body of work is a lot more so if I look at it like that then I am sure she would not have meant it in any other way but this. There can never be any sort of a competition between we two as we our two different sorts of actresses.

Did you and Sanjay Leela Bhansali part on a good note post Ram Leela did not work out? Is Deepika Padukone the right choice to play Leela?
The dates never worked out… there were some monetary issues and contractual problems. Else all is fine between Sanjay and me and we would always want to work together. Now suddenly everyone is talking about the movie as I have walked out before that nobody even knew that he was making this film. I wish him all the best and I really don’t know or care as to who is doing the film now.

Is your impending marriage with beau Saif, one of the contractual problems?
When I signed the film Sanjay knew I was getting married, I never hid anything from him. So it was nothing but a very derogatory planted story. The marriage has nothing to do with it. And the whole world knows I am going to marry Saif so marriage never was and has never been an issue with my career.

So would you finally want to reveal it to the world as to when are u getting married?
I have no idea as to why it is becoming national news. I think we should bring that up in the Rajya Sabha as this is all what people care about. Mr Obama too should be discussing this wedding. I am sure he would know that Saif and Kareena are getting married, as that is what the whole of India is talking about. I mean no body is talking about inflation, election and other important issues all they want to know is when is the wedding, what are they wearing, what is the venue, who all are invited and so on. Honestly it is terribly annoying and now we have given up on clarifying it. We are into a committed relationship and when we are getting married is for Saif and I to know.

Is your marital status going to affect you career in a negative manner?
We talk about progressive cinema, give interviews making all sorts of tall claim, we are getting inspired from west…but when it comes to this then we really need to change our minds first before changing the genre of films that’s being offered to a married actor. I could have been very well married four years ago and still doing great in my career. So I don’t believe in this. My personal space with Saif is my time with him it has nothing to do with my work or what I play on screen and the films that I am going to act in.