Emran, Jacky: Encore ho jaaye


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 19 -- Ijust hope my washerman is not having a scene with my ex maid, Madhu Mottu. Why else would be so keen on telling me about Emraan Hashmi? Seems like the serial kisser is getting along very well with Jacqueline Fernandez, with whom he's working on Murder 2 under cousin Mohit Suri's direction.

Not surprisingly, the trio bond big time over lunch and tea breaks, informs Safedi Lal. Emraan, who's very thick with Mohit, has also begun discussing working on another movie with his director cousin.

And wonder of wonders! Jacky, who's not willing to be left out, also enthuses that she too would like to work with them again. However, that depends on Emraan and Mohit, who have already begun brainstorming for their next film together. Tsk tsk.