Ekta keeps the suspense


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, March 23 -- While advancing technology has aided the craft of filmmaking in many ways, it has also been a nuisance. All too often, directors who've wanted to keep the look, cast or plot of their films a suspense, have found themselves in a soup with revelatory pictures, videos and SMSes from the set circulating among fans well before the release.
To ensure that this problem doesn't affect her upcoming film, Ek Thi Daayan, producer Ekta Kapoor has taken a cumbersome route. She shot the climax of her supernatural thriller just a few weeks before it hits theatres so that it remains under wraps.
Ekta says, "These days it doesn't take long for mischief mongers to speculate and spread false news. So Vishal sir (Bhardwaj, co-producer) and I decided to shoot the climax just a month before the release, as we didn't want it leaked."
A source says, "Ekta even got the cast and crew to sign confidentiality agreements and refrain from giving out details about the main character - the daayan - in the film."
Apparently, Ekta even compromised on having a full-fledged crew on board so that only a few people were privy to the details of the end. "She got a minimum crew to shoot the climax. Her team didn't even tell the actors and crew members where they would be shooting till the last minute," says the source.