Ekta Kapoor's alleged misbehaviour trends on Twitter


By Hindustan Times
On Friday, Ekta Kapoor trended on Twitter for her alleged run-in with an elderly person at a bank (Ekta, however, says the incident happened outside her doctor’s clinic).The senior citizen’s daughter, Anisha Sharma, tweeted that Ekta called him “an old idiot”. She calls it bizarre.
Anisha Sharma (@ghaatidancer) on Twitter: “A woman at the bank just called my father an ‘old fool’ and told him to ‘f**k off’ because he was in her way. This was Ekta Kapoor. She was blocking his way and he said, ‘excuse me’. She turned around and said he was an old idiot who couldn’t see, flipped him off and left. Who gives this woman the right to talk to people like this? My father’s a 68-year-old man who just wanted to leave the bank & come home. My father did nothing to provoke her, he merely asked her to move so he could exit.As she drove off, she continued giving him the finger. My father is home, completely shaken and on the verge of tears. He has never been spoken to like this. Thank you, Ms. Kapoor. Keeping it classy (sic)”
Ekta Kapoor’s reaction:
“I was outside my doctor’s clinic when an old man banged into me. Before I could react, he said, ‘Can’t you see?’ Then, he said, ‘Do you or your father own the road?’ So I told him, ‘Don’t bring in my father.’ He criticised my projects. Again, I asked why he was bringing in my work. My bodyguards almost lunged at him. I stopped them. If it’s being alleged that I told him to ‘f**k off’ and showed the middle finger, then it’s all a blatant lie. It’s aimed at garnering publicity by involving a celebrity. This is bizarre.”