Don 2 comic books to hit stands before film's release


By Hindustan Times
A comic book will precede the release of Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2, that opens in the theatres on December 23. The cover of Don: The Origin will be unveiled this evening at the city’s first ever Comic Con Express, being held at the World Trade Centre.
While the film is a sequel to Farhan’s 2006 Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Don: The Chase Begins Again, that was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 blockbuster Don, the comic book is a prequel.
“Don 2 takes off from where Don:The Chase Begins left off. In these five years, many have forgotten the film and must be curious to know how the Don came into being. This original story will help them understand him and also offer a background on other characters like Roma and Vardhaan,” informs co-producer Ritesh Sidhwani.
The comic book should release in the first week of December. It will be replicated en masse and sold at kiosks at railway stations across Maharashtra and up north. Says Ritesh. “Hopefully, by the time people come to watch it, their memories will be refreshed and their knowledge enhanced.”
Farhan, who was to unveil the cover but had to go out of town suddenly, is excited about this novel promotional gimmick: “Don has become an iconic character. Even back in 2006, we’d felt the need to have a comic book on him. The dream is being sketched out.”
Meanwhile, the first 3D trailers, along with 2D trailers, have been attached to RA.One and will play at almost 500 screens across India. “You’ll have to wear special glasses to see them but it’ll be worth it,” promises Ritesh. “Though the film was converted into 3D later, the director of photography had shot the film with special lenses. This made it easier to give it a third dimension.”
The idea came to him this summer after seeing Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows. It was also converted into 3D later. “I was blown away and suggested to Farhan that we do the same. We experimented with a two-minute portion and the results convinced us to take it forward,” says Riteish, adding that Chuck Comisky, a veteran S-3D innovator who supervised the 3D stereo and visual effects on Jim Cameron’s Avatar (2009) and Sanctum, has been working on Don 2.