Ditch the gown, girls... go desi at Cannes!


By Hindustan Times
Shun the gown and charm the world in the six-yard wonder. That’s the fashion advice designers unanimously dole out to actors Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor and Freida Pinto, who’ll be attending the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival that opens today in France.
“Sari is a big fashion statement globally. There are so many Hollywood beauties who’ve worn it of late ... it’d be lovely to see our actors wear a new-age sari, even a sari-gown at Cannes,” says designer Gaurav Gupta. Designer Anupama Dayal, known for her funky sari designs, says the garment is revolutionising international red-carpet fashion.
“It may be a cliché but it’s true that Indian women look gorgeous in a sari, and no better time to wear it than now,” she says. Dayal’s pick for Aishwarya, who will walk the red carpet on May 24 and 25, would be a no fuss, slimming sari, like a chiffon with subtle embellishments.
For Sonam Kapoor, who will attend the closing ceremony on May 27, she suggests a bold version, something that exposes her legs, paired with a sexy choli. “Freida (who’ll make an appearance on May 17) will look stunning in a sari with a Grecian drape to give her a goddess look”, she says.
Veteran designer Ritu Kumar too believes that nothing will rock the show like the sari. “Sari would be the perfect style statement from India. It’ll be a pity if they miss it. Actors end up cloning each other on the red carpet when they wear dresses,” she says. Designer Leena Singh agrees that it’s important for actors to represent their culture at global events. “But that doesn’t mean going completely traditional. A stylish sari with a modern twist will do it best,” says the designer.
Jay Leno celebrates his new Nano in a sherwani a American stand-up comedian Jay Leno went totally desi as he included a Nano to his automobile collection recently, and even showed it off in a shervani.
As reported by fashion blog fashionscandal.com, Leno celebrated the addition zestfully in a sherwani designed by Manav Gangwani, and had dancers performing Bollywood dances complete with jhatkas and matkas as the Nano was brought inside his garage against the backdrop of the Indian flag.
He then bowed to welcome the car, also painted in the tricolour, with a traditional Namaste. He has posted the pictures on his Facebook account, called ‘ Jay Leno’s Garage’.