Designer credits Vidya for the return of saris!


By Hindustan Times
Designer-socialite Shaina NC, who endorses saris globally, is excited about the six-yard wonder making a comeback to the red carpet. And she credits actor Vidya Balan for this positive change.
“Thank God, saris are back on the red carpet. We’re learning to not ape the West. I was frankly tired of seeing women becoming anorexic to fit into gowns for a red carpet event. After Vidya Balan started draping saris for every occasion in the last two years, a lot of women in Bollywood and on the social circuit have taken cue,” she says, adding, “I’ve been working towards making India’s national costume internationally popular. Now, I’m sure the west will watch us, the way we have watched them for years. This change could have come through long ago had women worn saris instead of gowns at international events.”
The lady, who is also a local politician, recently made her TV debut with India’s Glam Diva on BIG CBS Love. She features among a panel of judges who will choose India’s style icon.
“My benchmarks are clear. I’m not going by the physical anatomy of any woman because each one, I’m sure, is proud of the way she’s been structured,” reasons Shaina, adding, “I’d rather judge them on how differently they present and conduct themselves. Out of so many women from so many different walks of life, I’m sure I’ll find someone who is extremely proud and happy with who and what she is.”
Currently, Shaina is also holding workshops at the ongoing Kala Ghoda Festival to teach different ways to drape a sari.
“You don’t necessarily have to wear it with the pleats all the time. You can use a sari as a dupatta, sarong or even wear it on a pair of jeans,” she points out, adding, “I’m sure a lot of youngsters want to try saris. The only hiccup is they can’t see stuff out of the box. I’m just trying to sort out that handicap.”