Dengue was the cause of Yash Chopra's death, says BMC


By Hindustan Times
A week after Yash Chopra's death, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has confirmed that the filmmaker died because of dengue fever and its complications. Chopra's death brings the toll of dengue deaths to four this year. Chopra, 80, died last Sunday after developing complications of bacterial pneumonia and dengue that led to multi-organ failure. Civic officials went through Chopra's medical records before confirming the dengue death.
"Chopra developed secondary infections after dengue, which soon developed into sepsis. He had fever, headache, and breathlessness for three days before being admitted to the hospital. He was taking treatment, but he didn't respond well to it. He died during a very short span of illness, which can be only attributed to his old age," said a state health official, on condition of anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to the media.
Chopra had no history of diabetes or hypertension.
October has seen the maximum number of dengue cases this year. Till Monday, the number of dengue cases recorded this month was 250, compared to 189 last month.
"This year, the condition of a lot of patients has been deteriorating within one or two days. Any patient with fever cannot be ignored even for a day. We are getting even younger patients with serious complications such as drop in platelet count," said Dr Nivedita Moulick, head of medicine, Sion Hospital.
In many cases, patients are found to be suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome or hepatitis.
"Two of my patients are on ventilator currently. This year, we are seeing complications develop within three to five days of fever, even in young patients. The only treatment for dengue is to hydrate them and monitor their platelet level," said Dr Shahid Barmare, consultant physician, Kohinoor Hospital, Kurla.
Dr Barmare said that senior citizens or people who have a compromised immune system such as diabetics, people suffering from renal failure, or any other disease should visit the doctor soon in case of fever, as their condition can deteriorate faster.