The Dark Knight Rises' final trailer goes viral!


By Hindustan Times
The latest and final trailer of The Dark Knight Rises has hit the web and taken it by storm. The trailer that debuted on screens with The Avengers, features much more dialogue along with a clearer and more sinister plot.
Warner Bros. released the new teaser online, following a day of viral marketing that saw an ambitious Batman fan create a .GIF of the trailer using "leaked" frames from the official Dark Knight Rises website, reported Huffington Post.
The trailer ominously begins with Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) saying, "There's a storm coming..." Though she referred to the storm called Bane (Tom Hardy), little did she know that even before that there would be a storm on Twitter.
What follows is a sinister looking Bane wreaking havoc in Gotham city and this time even Batman (Christian Bale) seems helpless. In a dialogue between the two, we hear Bruce Wayne asking Bane, "Why don't you just kill me?", the answer to which is calm and cold, "Your punishment must be more severe."
No doubt that the film sends shivers down the spine and definitely no doubt why this is one of the most highly anticipated blockbusters of the year.
The rest of the cast includes the usual Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Caine as Alfred and Liam Neeson as Ra's Al Ghul. The new additions are Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.
Last of the trilogy to be directed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters on July 20.