DADDY STRONGEST: Family first for Shah Rukh!


By Hindustan Times
On October 8, Shah Rukh Khan apparently took a day off from the hectic shooting schedule of Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express to spend time with his daughter, Suhana. Since it was his wife Gauri’s birthday on October 8 and she was in London with their son, Aryan, the actor didn’t want the little one
to be left alone at home. “The entire cast and crew got a day’s break thanks to SRK. He knew taking a few hours off in the middle of a shoot would not be feasible, which is why he just asked for the entire day,” says an insider.
The actor even posted a message on Twitter saying, “Watching a horror film with daughter...she isnt scared...i am scared for her...or am I just scared myself?? Either way...scared!! (sic)” For the last few weeks, the actor has been juggling Shetty’s film with the promotional activities of his Diwali release, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. According to the insider, he hasn’t taken any breaks in this time. “Only when it came to his family, he took the day off,” adds the source. SRK remained unavailable for a comment.