Court orders complete injunction on Jannat 2


By Hindustan Times
The legal trouble for Vishesh Films over Jannat 2 is far from over. A few days ago, film writer Kapil Chopra filed plagiarism charges against the producers. He claimed that the script for the Emraan Hashmi-Esha Gupta starrer belonged to him, and the makers had denied him his credit. The case has now turned against the Bhatts. On Thursday, the Bombay High Court put a complete injunction on any activities regarding the film.
Kapil, who has been fighting the case for over four months, says his faith in the Indian judicial system has been reaffirmed. “The truth has prevailed. In spite of
in-court arguments and media clout being exploited, the system has defended the common man. My family, and the extended family of writers in the industry, will remain indebted to the judicial system for this,” says Kapil.
However, the Bhatts are not going to stand down. “We are not going to stay quiet about the verdict. We will act on a judicial remedy,” says filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.
For them, it’s more a matter of reputation than the remuneration Kapil has demanded. “The money is merely Rs. 10 lakh. This is a fight over principles, not money,” Bhatt adds.
The Legal angle:
About the case involving the makers of the Emraan Hashmi-Esha Gupta starrer, Jannat 2, and screenwriter Kapil Chopra, the latter’s lawyer, Rashmin Khandekar, says, “The court has now passed a complete injunction unlike the earlier verdict when the injunction was until a date. There can’t be any satellite or online release of the film (till the matter is settled). Though the DVDs and VCDs have already reached the market, the injunction is applicable on that as well. Overall, Jannat 2 can’t be promoted anymore.” The case, which took place on Thursday, was argued by lawyer Shiraz Rustumjee.