'Chikni chameli: No comparison please!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Dec. 19 -- It's official! Agneepath's publicity driver item song, 'Chikni chameli...', picturised on Katrina Kaif, is adapted from a hit Marathi song, 'Kombdi padali...' from the movie Jatra.
Ajay-Atul who worked on the original, are extremely kicked about the Hindi adaptation of their chartbuster that premiered on a Marathi music channel on Friday. "It shows that Bollywood notices our work. Usually, music composers don't like re-working their tracks or adapting them from one language into another because that's considered to be a form of rehashing. But in a situation like Agneepath's, we were more than happy to do it. And Shreya Ghoshal just took it to another level with her voice," beams Atul, adding that the director Karan Malhotra and producer Karan Johar were extremely keen to have the particular number incorporated in the soundtrack.
"The situation and the film have an earthy feel. And eventually, once we started working with the team, we realised that this song works best. We have nothing to lose now because our work will get more recognition." Meantime, comparison is being drawn between 'Chameli' Katrina Kaif's koli avatar, Helen's kashti sari from 'Mungda...' (Inkaar) and Madhuri Dixit's fisherwoman attire from 'Humko aaj kal hai....' (Sailab). Bring this up, and Katrina says, "I don't want to be compared with dancing icons like Madhuri and Helen. Their songs are still being played on reality shows and for stage performances. They've done a fabulous job. I think they looked stunning in those songs."
The actor, who is open to item songs, adds, "Mungda and the Madhuri song are classics. My song is relatively new. As for the look comparison, I don't think any of them wore a ghagra-choli in the songs you mention. But I'd take it as a compliment if I came anywhere close to what Helen and Madhuri did."