Zaira's unique b'day outing!

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Mumbai, Oct. 23 -- Most people's idea of a birthday celebration often involves cakes, balloons and parties. But actor Zaira Wasim, who rose to fame with her powerful performance in last year's Dangal, clearly thinks differently. 
HT Cafe has learnt that the actor is planning to spend her 17th birthday visiting several theatres across Mumbai to watch her film, Secret Superstar, with the audience and get their reactions first-hand.
A source says, "Zaira, who celebrates her birthday today, has decided that she will celebrate and spend as much time as possible with the audience, as her new film was released last week. Since she can't be with her friends and family (they live in Jammu & Kashmir), she thought there couldn't be a better way to spend her birthday."
Zaira has been in Mumbai for over a month now with regard to the movie. "Zaira was very busy with the film, so she couldn't travel back (to Kashmir) in time to celebrate her birthday with her family. So instead of wasting the day, she thought of spending it with the audiences," says the source.
Zaira, on her part, feels that her new film is "the best birthday gift" that Aamir Khan could have given her. She says, "I'm excited about spending my birthday with the audience. The response that I've been getting from everyone even before film was released has been so overwhelming."