Zaira has every reason to thank Aamir!

Boxoffice Results

  1. INR 72.28 Cr.
  2. INR 6.84 Cr.
  3. INR 40.00 Cr.
  4. INR 24.63 Cr.
  5. INR 3.72 Cr.



Aamir Khan is not insecure. The Bollywood superstar habitually lets his co-actors take the spotlight, first in Dangal and now in Secret Superstar. And his trust has been reciprocated by his prodigies – Fatima Sana Sheikh and Zaira Wasim.
In an industry known for its cut-throat competition among actors, such restraint shows how Aamir has gained enough confidence in his craft to place himself above petty concerns. 
His timely press previews are also an indication of his confidence. These days, many major filmmakers and studios prefer to skirt these events for fear that their films may receive negative reviews on opening day. It’s a different matter altogether that such tactics can only save the first show.
The audience has also become smarter, and widespread coverage from the local press ensures that potential ticket buyers get film reviews as soon as possible even in the remotest parts of India.
Aamir holds his press screenings well in advance. At least, that’s what he has done for his last two films.
He isn’t just an actor anymore. Aamir does his best to promote his films, and ensures they get wide publicity. Although he knows that he is important for a film’s prospects at the box office, he refrains from forcing his co-actors to play second fiddle.
Zaira was as much a part of Secret Superstar’s promotions as Aamir. In fact, Khan stayed in the background through much of the publicity drive. This must have given Zaira (and Fatima Sana Sheikh as well as Sanya Malhotra before her) the confidence to hold their own ground.
Thankfully, Zaira transforms that confidence into a sparkling performance in Secret Superstar. Though Aamir forms the backbone of the movie, Zaira holds her own against his star power. She shows control and finesse in her role as a 15-year-old from a conservative Vadodara household.
From her dialect to her handling of guitar strings, Zaira remains in command of her part. It’s a role suitable for her age, and she has handled it with equal measures of maturity and child-like enthusiasm.
It’s not easy for a newcomer to remain calm and composed in front of a superstar, but Zaira never seems to be under pressure. This might be the beginning of an illustrious career for the actor, and she has every reason to thank Aamir for it.