A glamorous role? Depends on the script, says Zaira Wasim

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Mumbai, Nov. 7 -- She is just 17 but has already been part of two big films - Dangal (her debut film; 2016) and Secret Superstar. But ask Zaira Wasim how does she go about choosing her projects? 
"When a script is narrated to me - and since I believe that my imagination is very broad - I can immediately decide whether I want to be a part of the film or not. It should hit the nail on its head," she says.
The young actor adds that when she is hearing a script, she needs to imagine herself in the particular world that the story is set in. "If I am able to draw all the expressions of me being there, I instantly say yes. In fact, it clearly shows on my face (smiles). Similarly, if I am not interested, I can't take up a film. For me, it's all about an instant reaction [to the content]," says Zaira, adding that she doesn't know how her career path will turn out to be in the future.
Till now, Zaira has only played the girl-next-door in both her films. If offered, would she be game to take up glamorous parts and play a stereotypical Bollywood heroine too? "Like my process of picking up acting projects, it all again comes back to whether I find it interesting enough or not. Whether I take a role up or not depends on how exciting it seems to me."
According to Zaira, the film's script "has to be good". She says: "It doesn't matter whether it is a glam role or not. I think I will probably not be okay with it. But let the future decide. I honestly feel it's not the right time to think whether I would do a particular kind of cinema or wouldn't associate myself with something. Right now, I don't want a certain kind of impression going out that I am not okay with a certain kind of role. I can always decide that in the future."
In both her films, Zaira has starred alongside Aamir Khan, who also produced both the projects.