Jasbir Jassi hasn't met Honey Singh in 2 yrs, claims spokesperson

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Rapper Honey Singh’s spokesperson has lashed out at singer Jasbir Jassi’s claims that he met Singh at a rehab in Chandigarh.

As reported by Hindustan Times on Tuesday, Jassi had said that he met a "very unwell" Honey Singh in a rehab, a claim he later denied on social media. However, Singh’s manager says that these are Jassi’s attempts at gaining publicity.

"Jasbir Jassi’s claims that he met Honey Singh at a rehab are ­completely untrue. In fact, Jassi and Honey have not met each other in two years. Honey is at home with his family," says Singh’s ­manager.

"Ever since Honey decided to take a break and go off radar, a lot of stories have been cooked up about his ­disappearance.  Contrary to all speculations, he has never visited a rehab ­centre. He is fine and resting, and has been spending quality time with his family,” the spokesperson adds.