Honey Singh is like a brother: Mika

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Movies come and movies go, but his songs stay on the top of the charts for long. From Tu Mere Agal Bagal (Phaata Poster Nikla Hero) to Gandi Baat (R... Rajkumar) and Tooh (Gori Tere Pyar Mein), the year 2013 saw people gyrating to his songs. The 43-year-old singer claims that he is not get insecure by other young singers like Honey Singh. He has also gifted Honey a luxury bike.

“Honey Singh is like a younger brother. I totally support him. He has talent and he’ll rise,” he says.  “You know, its people’s love for me. And, of course, God’s grace. I am blessed that people like my songs. I put in a lot of effort in every song I sing. And the thing is that I can sing all kind of songs. Earlier music directors used to tell me, ‘Yaar thoda aur naughtiness la gaane mei’. But they have also realised that I can sing a variety of emotions. So now I get to sing romantic, naughty, sad songs and dance numbers. I also sing in various languages and accents like Tamil, Telugu and all,” says Mika, adding, “In 2014, I want to sing Sufi songs more.”

He gives a very practical view to the new singers while supporting others on the contracts that deprive singers of royalty.

“What Sonu bhai is doing is great. I support him and other singers should support him too because our community will be successful only if we have unity. However, there are two types of singers – the newcomers and the seasoned ones. The established ones should get the royalty, they deserve it. But the newcomers should sing the song even if it’s for free. Because naye singers ki priority break milna hona chahiye,” says Mika who was in the NCR to perform at the MTV Bollyland.