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Delhi University course in Yo Yo songs?

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New Delhi, May 12 -- Students of Delhi University are in the midst of their annual exams, and guess who says he can make it easier for them to mug up their chapters and pass the test.

Well, it is rapper and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, who says he can turn the chapters of the DU syllabus into rap songs so that students can remember their course easily. "Students apna syllabus mujhe de de, mein uska rap song bana dunga and students wo rap easily learn karlenge. (Students can give their syllabus to me and I'll make a rap song out of it for them.) This way, they won't have any problems and it will be easy learning for them," says the 31-year-old singer.    

Singh was reacting to a series of display pictures (DP) that students of DU have put up on mobile applications, that read, "Dear Yo Yo Honey Singh... Pass Karado... Phone Ghuma do."

The DPs (inset) that have gone viral in the last few days, are a takeoff from one of his songs, Blue Eyes, the lyrics of which has Honey Singh saying to a girl, "Pass karadu? Phone ghumadu? Teri principal bhi baby Yo Yo ki fan hain."    

And needless to say, students are elated with the singer's idea. "That would indeed be cool! His lyrics are always easy to remember, and if our texts could be turned into rap songs by him, we won't have to worry about mugging up anymore," says Niharika Singh, a 21-year-old student. "Is this really happening? I wish he takes up this project," says Umesh Shah, another DU student.