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Vivek Oberoi organises Iftaar on film set..

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New Delhi, July 2 -- Actor Vivek Oberoi, who is currently shooting for a film, has been organising Iftaar party on the set for those who observe the holy month of Ramzan.

According to a source, "Vivek has taken upon himself to ensure that cast and crew who observe the fast get to enjoy their meal at the end of the day. And he himself joins the gang afterwards."

Vivek believes that observing rozas (fasts kept during the month of Ramzan) requires a lot of patience and discipline.

"It's an extremely challenging thing to do, especially when you have to go about doing your daily chores and work. I feel it's truly commendable of my friends to be so disciplined," says the Krrish 3 actor.

He says that he has grown up enjoying Iftaar parties with friends, and so he decided to have a food spread on the set for his team who observe the fast. "I have fond memories of Ramzan, when several of my friends would fast, and I'd join their iftaar parties," smiles Vivek.