Vivek Oberoi chooses social work over politics!

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Mumbai, April 9 -- Vivek Oberoi has been an active philanthropist for a long time now, and he has been associated with a variety of causes, organisations and NGOs over the years. One may think that his inclination to champion causes could be spurred by a quiet interest in a career in politics. 


But it seems the actor has no interest in the field - according to a source, the actor was recently approached by a political party to contest elections on its behalf, but he declined and campaigned for it instead.


The source says, "Vivek had been asked to be part of a political party, but he has shied away from politics many times in the past. He is happy working for society without being in the political sphere. During the Lok Sabha elections, he was asked to contest on behalf of the party, but he respectfully declined. Instead, he campaigned for them, because he believed in their vision."


The actor, however, acknowledges that it helps to have political support when he needs to bring social causes to the fore. Vivek says, "I could pursue the causes that I feel strongly about due to the support I received from politicians and bureaucrats across the country."