American honour for Vivek Oberoi

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Mumbai, May 4 -- Over the years, Vivek Oberoi has been involved in several social initiatives - be it organising blood camps, funding children's education or gathering support for victims of natural calamities.

The actor's efforts have now been recognised by the state of California, USA. However, since Vivek could not attend the ceremony that he was set to be felicitated at in February, the government has mailed him his certificate.

"Vivek was on vacation in the US till the last week of February. He could not delay his return to India in order to attend the event because his wife, Priyanka Alva, was expected to deliver their second child in March. This is why he politely declined the offer, and thanked the senator, Bob Wieckowski, for the honour," says a source close to the actor.

Earlier this week, the certificate was mailed to Vivek, who is still in Bengaluru with his wife, their son Vivaan Veer and newborn daughter. "He has told the senator that on his next trip to the US, he will make it a point to meet him personally," adds the source.

While we could not reach Vivek, his spokesperson confirmed the news.