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I was working like a robot: Vishal Malhotra

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New Delhi, Oct. 9 -- Actor Vishal Malhotra is back after taking a long hiatus by starring in the film Tu Hai Mera Sunday. 
He says that it was a conscious decision to have been missing from action for almost four years. "I decided to step back and get under the radar. I feel that in the 15 years of my career, I was punished for doing a good job - I got typecast in the same roles." Vishal has been a part of films like Jannat (2008), Anjaana Anjaani (2010) and Happy New Year (2014). 
"I was working with the biggest of banners and stars, and I was also hosting big television shows but I realised that I was working like a robot. Even your ardent admirers will at one point turn around and say 'Arre same cheez kar raha hai yaar'. So, before reaching that place, I tried to change", he adds. 
We might have only seen him in supporting roles in many of his films, but he doesn't consider that a bad decision. "My roles were extremely central to the plot. You can't imagine Jannat or Ishq Vishq without my characters. So I don't regret because those were meaty and important roles," he says.