Vir's female fan followed him across cities..

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New Delhi, May 4 -- Actor-comedian Vir Das, who has been travelling around the world with his comedy show, Abroad Understanding, was surprised to know that even one of his fans was following him across cities. 
During his recent US visit, this piece of news was given to him by the fan via a tweet.
"It was overwhelming to know that a fan was going an extra mile to watch my performances. I had all the love and respect for her when I came to know that she has been following me for few of my shows in different cities," says Vir.
The comedian, who is among the few Indian stand up artists to conduct tours across various parts of the world, performed in Denver and Chicago and decided to meet this fan after the final leg of the gig. 
"I came to know about her through social media and I asked my team to get in touch with her. I met her after my concert got over. I appreciated her efforts and thanked her for all the love and support she gave me," says Vir, who has also been a part of Bollywood films such as Delhi Belly (2011), Go Goa Gone (2013) and Amit Sahni Ki List (2014).