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Vir Das: Stupid things have inspired my album..

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Mumbai, April 6 -- Bollywood actor and stand-up comic Vir Das has been concentrating on his singing career of late.

Currently, he is working on a new album with his comedy-rock band Alien Chutney that includes members Sidd Coutto, Gaurav Gupta, Warren Mendonsa and Kaizad Gherda.

"If you can find a song that you feel close to in this album and it also makes you laugh, then my mission is accomplished. My inspiration for the album is all the stupid things in our lives... selfies, accents, love and sex all need to be set to good music," says Vir, adding that the album titled Bom in Live Bay comprises 13 tracks in all.

On the 3rd of every month starting April, one music video for each song will be launched online. "These are high concept videos made by 13 different directors," he says.

The first video for the song, 'Happy people', was recently uploaded on YouTube. Ask him how he ended up singing in a band, and Vir says it was never a planned decision.

"I've been writing songs since I was in college. Then, I sang one or two at my stand-up comedy show. I didn't think of doing it professionally, but the response was insane," says the actor, adding that his band as we know it today was formed much later in 2011-2012.

"Thousands of college kids started showing up for our concerts. Then I collaborated with really good musicians, started working on my voice and, now, it's (the band) honestly the most stupid fun thing I do."