Vir Das learns the art of tying a turban..

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New Delhi, March 9 -- Besides making people laugh with his comic timing, actor-comedian Vir Das has now accomplished a new craft. He has finally learned how to tie a turban all by himself.

Vir will be seen playing the role of a surd in two of his upcoming projects, and he was really intrigued by the art of tying a turban.

"At first, I observed my hair stylist closely, who helped me tie the turban. In a week's time, I started it doing on my own. It came as a task to me initially but, I felt really proud that I could learn. I respect their religion and I understand the turban is a symbol of responsibility. Its a great feeling to have learnt the skill," says Das.

"His new avatar needed a lot of makeover and was time consuming. His hair stylist took more than an hour to tie a turban for him. Vir observed his stylist for the first few days and then decided to tie it on his own," says a source.