Vir Das


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Vir Das (born 31 May 1979) is an Indian comedian and actor. Vir Saran Das was born in Dehradun and has lived in Africa and studied in Indian Language School in Lagos, Nigeria, Shimla and Delhi.

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Vir Das, who is currently in London, UK, for the screening of his upcoming film, has decided to extend his stay in the city, as he wants to write the scripts of his future ventures there.
It looks like comedian turned- actor Vir Das is aiming for an image makeover. We've been told that the actor needs to achieve a lean look for his next.
These days, actor Vir Das is cycling his way to a leaner look for his upcoming film.
Vir Das is all set to play a hacker in debutant director Harish Raut's next. A source close to the actor says, to prepare for his role, Vir will take coding lessons from IIT students.
The world of comedians is rather annoyed with these censorship issues post the AIB Knockout. So while artists (self-proclaimed in this case) like … asked Aamir Khan to shut up about his anti-AIB Roast opinions, we have our very own Vir Das reacting in a completely different way.
Bollywood actor and stand-up comic Vir Das has been concentrating on his singing career of late.
In October last year, Vir Das got married to his girlfriend of five years, Shivani Mathur. Now, having settled into his new role of a husband, the stand-up-comic-turned-actor is set to get back to work.
Acclaimed Bollywood actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt have all sung for their films in the past.
Vir Das is back to a gruelling schedule post the release of Revolver Rani. The actor has as many as six films lined up in the next 15 months.
Actor and stand-up comedian Vir Das says that his stage experience has made him "fearless" and "brave". Now he wishes to be equally bold on the big screen and is keen to play a psychotic villain.