Lines between films, TV are blurring: Vikrant Massey

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New Delhi, Jan. 13 -- Actor Vikrant Massey is one of those actors who have successfully transitioned from the small screen to Bollywood. 
Having started his acting career with TV shows, he debuted on the big screen with Lootera (2013). 
"Though not commercially successful, Lootera was a beautiful film. A lot of people liked my work in it. So, I don't think there's any mental block that if you're a TV actor, toh aap ko filmein nahi milengi," Vikrant says, adding, "Naseer sahab (Naseeruddin Shah), Pankaj Kapoor, and Shah Rukh Khan - they all did TV. I've always believed that all of us are part of this large umbrella, under which both TV and films come. All are mediums of entertaining the masses." 
The actor believes that the lines between TV and films have been disappearing gradually. 
"Lines are getting blurred for every person who wants to do good work. Pehle mindset hua karta tha ki TV stars dumb hain. I'm talking about 2010-2011, when TV was booming and saas-bahu sagas were at their peak. People thought 'Lokhandwala (in Mumbai) ke actors body bana ke acting karte hain, dumb hote hain'. Yeh baat mujhe bahut chubhti thi. It's all about working with the right people for the right project," shares Vikrant, who will next be seen in a sci-fi thriller.