Another clash of the titles?

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New Delhi, Aug. 1 -- As far as film titles go, the occasional give and take seems to be part of the film-making process. While some Bollywood directors oblige by lending these titles to their contemporaries, looks like Shirish Kunder was in no mood to do so when Vikram Bhatt made such a request.

Vikram had initially planned to call his upcoming movie starring Bipasha Basu Animal, which he thought was an apt title. "I thought the name fit really well. Also, it wouldn't have given people the impression that it's a horror film, which is of utmost importance. Then I found out that Shirish owns the title. So, I approached his wife, Farah Khan, with whom I share a great rapport," says Bhatt.

But Kunder, who's also apparently working on a film by the same name, refused to part with the title. "I really wanted it for my film, but I understand that Shirish, too, is working on his movie. I am not upset with him," Bhatt adds. Bhatt also reveals that it was his daughter, Krishna, who eventually helped him find a new title. "I couldn't think of the obvious. But Krishna helped me find the current title, and I am very happy with it," he says.