Vikas Bahl: I didn't know how to make films..

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Mumbai, Dec. 27 -- Vikas Bahl has had a good year - his Kangana Ranaut-starrer Queen was one of the first hits of 2014, and propelled him into the big league.

From the looks of it, 2015 will be even busier for the producer-director, with many projects in the pipeline. "I have partied in 2014, and I will party even more in 2015 (sic). I'm producing a lot of films," he says.

"Our next is Bombay Velvet (he is producing it). Then there is Ghoomketu, followed by Vikramaditya's (Motwane; director) Bhavesh Joshi. I'm as excited about all these films as I am about my next directorial, Shaandar. I love producing and marketing films. It is going to be an exciting year for Phantom (his film production company); we have about six films coming out in 2015," he says.

Bahl's Bollywood journey was unusual. He was born in Delhi and moved to Mumbai to pursue his MBA. Then after working in advertising for a while, he tried his hand at film-making. "I didn't know how to make a film. I didn't even know whom to call to make one - a writer, director or producer. The script of Aamir (2008; co-producer) appealed to me, so I produced it. When I wrote Chillar Party (2011; director) nobody was ready to direct a film with 10 kids and a dog. So, I decided to direct it myself. I've pretty much gone with the flow. I only do things that appeal to me," says the film-maker.

Talking about his biggest hit, Queen, Bahl says that he didn't set out to make a women-centric film. He only wanted to tell a slice-of-life story that is set in a city (Delhi) he's familiar with. "Everything you saw in the film is something that has been taken from my own life or borrowed from something I've seen closely," he says.

Ask him why he picked Kangana for the lead role, and he says, "I have always liked her as an actor. I thought she'd understand the nuances of the character better than anyone else."

Currently, Bahl is working with veteran actor Pankaj Kapur and his children - Shahid Kapoor and Sanah Kapur. Was it a conscious choice to rope in the family? "No. They just fit the roles. I'd have taken them even if they didn't belong to the same family," he says.