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When Vijender Singh fell unconscious..!

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New Delhi, May 30 -- Olympian boxer Vijender Singh, who is making his debut in Bollywood with filmmaker Kabir Sadanand's forthcoming venture, faced health issues during the shoot.    

The story goes that during one of the schedules, he was meant to cross a freezing river and Vijender being a perfectionist, wanted to deliver an exceptional shot for the scene. However, to perfect the scene, he ended up giving 7-8 retakes on an empty stomach. The shot took a toll on him and by the end of the day, he started showing symptoms of high altitude sickness. His condition got serious enough to warrant a round of oxygen therapy.    

The cast and crew were vexed at this incident and made sure that Vijender was treated well after the wrap up. Confirming the same, the boxer-turned-actor said: "I started to shoot immediately on the day I landed in Leh. We shot for about five days continuously and everything was fine, but on the sixth day, due to scarcity of oxygen on the high altitude in Ladakh or probably tiredness, I fell unconscious. We had a local lama who checked my oxygen level. And, with some breathing exercise and meditation, I was shooting again within just two hours."