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Vidya's got the looks!

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New Delhi, May 29 -- Actor Vidya Balan is known to go the extra mile for not only getting under the skin of the characters she plays on the big screen, but also for looking the part.

In her past films, she has played a pregnant woman, a garishly dressed Punjabi and even an '80s actor with effortless ease. In her next film, in which she plays a detective, the actor will be seen in 12 different looks.    

Apparently, Vidya invested two weeks in trying the looks. "She underwent 122 changes, out of which around 12 were shortlisted. Each look required her to wear a different costume and sport complementing makeup. She would try six to eight looks every day and was extremely patient while selecting which ones fit the narrative of the story," says a source close to the film's team.

This long process of shortlisting the looks has also been documented by means of photographs. "She tried the garb of a teacher, a fisherwoman, a dabbawala and a peon, to name a few," informs the source.    

Ask the film's producer, Dia Mirza, about the painstaking process and she says, "It was an experience of discoveries and experiments. Our costume designer Theia Tekchandaney and our makeup artist Vidyadhar worked tirelessly to conjure looks that would be entertaining to watch, whilst remaining in sync with the demands of the script. I am thrilled and wowed by the many transformations of the versatile Vidya Balan."