Vidya vacations with her mum!

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Mumbai, April 14 -- Vidya Balan generally does not take time out for holidays while on work.

But recently, the actor has made an exception to spend time with her mother, . Vidya, who left for Melbourne on April 10, to attend the film festival in Australia was accompanied by her mother.

A source close to the actor says, "After the event, Vidya decided to extend her stay by two days. She plans to see the scenic beauty of The Twelve Apostles, in Victoria, which is a great tourist attraction there. Vidya loves beaches, and also intends to catch up on her reading there."

Apparently, for a long time, Vidya, wanted to visit the place during her previous visits to Australia, but her packed schedule was a constraint.

"This year, she is doing only one film, so she could spare some time," adds the source. She will return on Thursday (April 16) to dub for her next opposite Emraan Hashmi.