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Vidya: If I see anyone spitting, I cannot resist saying yuck..

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New Delhi, Jan. 21 -- Vidya Balan, who was appointed a national brand ambassador for sanitation in 2012, continues to live up to her role. The actor encourages cleanliness to an extent that she picks up waste lying around her housing society daily.

She says, "I am obsessed with cleanliness. On a regular basis, if I see anything thrown around my society compound, I wear a glove or wrap a plastic bag around my hand and throw it in the dustbin. I have no qualms about picking up cigarette packets or chocolate wrappers and dumping them in the right place."

Vidya also encourages people around her to be a part of the campaign. "If I see anyone spitting at a place or out of a car, be it a car owner or a rickshaw driver, I cannot resist myself from saying 'chee' (yuck). I have been doing that for a long time and I know it bothers people. This is my way of correcting them," says Vidya.

The actor also believes that the participation of celebrities in the cause has helped generate more awareness. "I think a lot of people in the film industry have been nominated to take up the cause, and they have been supporting it religiously. It has, to an extent, encouraged common people to take cleanliness seriously," says the actor, adding, "Many organisations and their employees have also become a part of it."

She says that people should ensure that the enthusiasm for the cause is long-lived. "It should not be a one-off activity; it should be done on a regular basis. We have to make a difference," says the actor.