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Vidya, Haasan's chance meeting!

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Mumbai, April 3 -- Vidya Balan recently attended a press conference in Chennai. Apart from talking about the growing trend of women-centric films in Bollywood at the event, she also reminisced about the moment when she visited actor Kamal Haasan's house as a child, but could not meet him.

Interestingly, the next day, when Vidya was returning to Mumbai from Chennai, she bumped into Haasan at the airport.

"At the press conference, Vidya talked about him, but little did she know that she'll get to meet him the very next day. She was surprised to see him in the lounge area of the airport," says a source close to the actor.

The two chatted for half an hour before Vidya had to proceed to board her flight. "She told him about the event that she had come to attend. On the other hand, Haasan showed her some portions of the raw footage of his upcoming film," adds the source.

Vidya confirmed the news.