Vidya Balan's nostalgic trip..

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Mumbai, May 16 -- Over the years, Vidya Balan has been closely associated with West Bengal and its culture. Apart from playing the role of a Bengali woman in films like Parineeta (2005), Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) and Kahaani (2012), the Bollywood actor has also spoken about her love for Kolkata on many occasions.

Now, the actor is back in the capital city to shoot for the sequel to Kahaani, and apparently has been feeling rather nostalgic.

She has been remembering her previous shooting schedule in the city. "Certain scenes [in Kahaani] were shot at various locations around Kolkata, so Vidya has been revisiting these places to get back into the swing of things," says a source.

Vidya has already been to the Mona Lisa guest house, which is where a major part of the previous film was shot.

While walking through a local market, she even bumped into someone who worked on the last movie. Vidya is in Kolkata for a two-month-long schedule. She says, "The Mona Lisa guest house brings back a flood of memories. This is where the Kahaani journey began. It will always be a special place for me."