Vidya Balan: I depend on myself for a frank opinion!

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Mumbai, Dec. 12 -- Vidya Balan's performances have often garnered her praise and accolades, but that has led to the actor depending on herself for an objective view of her work. 
She says, "I always know it from within. I have been very fortunate, because my work has been appreciated in almost every film since I started my career. I only depend on myself for a frank opinion. At the end of the day, I do think that Siddharth and my family are honest with me, but there could be still some amount of bias (laughs), and that can't be helped. I am the only one who is able to look at my performances objectively," she says.
This year has been positive for small-budget films - one of which was Vidya's Tumhari Sulu - and the actor is quite happy about the trend. 
"I am glad that people are not just weighing success in terms of Rs100 crore. Success is, truly, the ratio of the return on investment to cost of production. The success of two films cannot be compared unless they have been produced with similar budgets. It is wonderful that these small-budget films are doing well, recovering [costs] and making profits. Even though those profits do not amount to Rs100 crore, they are huge successes. Big or small, films have done well when the stories are told well, and this year is a great example of that. More than ever, people are keen to invest time, money and energy on a good film," says the Kahaani 2 (2016) actor.