Vidya Balan: Cross it off!

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Mumbai, Aug. 5 -- Vidya Balan has been practising yoga for over seven years now. But recently, she wanted to switch to a new exercise regimen called CrossFit, which is a strenuous form of workout that involves weightlifting, plyometrics and powerlifting, among other things. But, it looks like the actor will have to wait for some time before doing that.

The actor's doctors have advised her against the new workout as she hasn't fully recovered from a shoulder problem. Vidya says, "I wanted to try out this new workout. In fact, I even spoke to the person who organises CrossFit sessions, but my doctor advised me not to do it as my shoulder still pains."

For now, the actor is sticking to her yoga routine.

The 36-year-old actor developed her shoulder problem while promoting her film, No One Killed Jessica (2011), and had to undergo physiotherapy.