Vidya Balan is ambassador of Silk Mark Organization..

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Mumbai, Sept. 11 -- Vidya Balan is known for her love for handloom fabrics and textiles. The National Award-winning actor is often seen sporting silk saris, kurtas and dupattas.
Now, the Central Silk Board has roped her in as the brand ambassador for the Silk Mark Organisation of India, which is an association that certifies products that are made of pure silk.
A source says, "When the board wanted a celebrity to endorse the mark, they could think of no one who was better suited for the job than Vidya. She is usually seen in traditional Indian attires for national and international events. She has often spoken about supporting weavers as well. In 2004, the board had introduced this authenticity tag to support pure silk products, and protect the interest of consumers, traders and manufacturers of silk."
Vidya is excited to be associated with the organisation. She says, "The purpose of the Silk Mark label is to safeguard the interests of both the weaver and the consumer. We have such a lovely variety of silk products that are made across the country. This [initiative] will help us preserve our weaves."