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I've always supported aspiring actors: Vidya Balan

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Mumbai, Feb. 11 -- When Vidya Balan took a plunge into Bollywood, she had no support or 'godfather' to guide her. But after making her share of mistakes and even facing failure, success finally knocked on her door.

However, the actor doesn't want others to go through the tough times she's witnessed, and hence participated in an initiative organised by casting director, Mukesh Chhabra, to guide aspiring actors.

"I know the kind of rejections and disappointments newcomers face in the industry. It is very important to show them the right path. When new actors approach me, I help them with whatever experience I have. Whenever anyone comes to me with a script, I take out the time to meet them; unless I am very busy," says Vidya, adding, "So, I can say that newcomers can approach me. I've always supported aspiring actors."

Not just her encouragement, Vidya has a word of advice for the newbies as well. She feels that they should not consider roles just to earn their livelihood. "After failing for a while to bag a role, many of them consider a role even if it has no meat and does not interest them. They should instead wait for a good role, even if it is small. They should consider some part time profession as a source of income in the meanwhile," says the 37-year-old.

The National Award winner also stresses on removing all ambiguities before signing the film. "For example, if there is a kissing scene written on paper, they should ask the director what kind of an intimate scene it would be. The conversation will give them clarity and they won't be uncomfortable on the sets then," she informs.